About Advenio

In a Nutshell

Started in the Boston area, Advenio is now located in Lewiston, ME and is a small indie Mac house that specializes in application development for Apple's Mac OS X. The current product line features MacGourmet™, a popular organizer for recipes and cooking notes.

While Advenio got its unofficial start back in 1994 when the founders, Michael and Stephan, developed Newton applications under the name Gravity Software, its official start came in 2002 when Advenio was incorporated as an LLC. Advenio, a Latin word meaning "to arrive" or "to reach," pretty much sums up our goals. We strive to design great software for the Mac platform and to reach a place where fun, great design and ease of use come together. We strive to make applications that make the whole Mac user experience at least a little bit - and hopefully a lot - better. How do we do this? By building applications exclusively for Mac OS X so that they feel right when used on a Mac.

Who is Advenio?

Michael Dupuis - Founder

Michael, the principal developer and architect of SQLGrinder™ and MacGourmet™, got his start doing Mac development in 1996, working on Natural Intelligence's Roaster Java IDE. In addition, he has developed Sybase and Oracle databases for companies such as Fortune Magazine and The New York Times, work that ultimately lead to the creation of SQLGrinder. Having designed and developed user interfaces for many products over the years, Michael is especially interested in elegant UI design and strives to achieve that in every application he develops.

Stephan Cleaves

Stephan, while originally a founder of Advenio, has since moved on to other things.

MacXword, a former Advenio product, has been sold to Daniel Jalkut at Red Sweater Software, and is now called Black Ink.

Other Products

Cloudburst for iPhone

Cloudburst for iPhone and iPod touch. Quick and simple weather, all in a single glance. Weather conditions and radar in an instant! Features: Current U.S. conditions, including temperature, wind, visibility, etc., current U.S. weather radar picture, current U.S. weather radar loop, four day at-a-glance forecast. Visit Cloudburstapp.com for more information.

SQLGrinder 2

SQLGrinder™ is a SQL editor and developer tool that gives you the tools needed to make your database development easy. Using SQLGrinder you can create, edit and execute SQL statements. You can browse your database schema. Visit the SQLGrinder.com for more information.

Note: Development on SQLGrinder has ended with the removal of the Java VM from Mac OS X. It will still work on Mac OS X 10.5 and previous versions, but not on 10.6 or later.

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