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Friday, August 26, 2005

MacXword for Ten Dollars

Advenio is happy to announce we are permanently reducing the price of our popular crossword client MacXword to just $10.00! MacXword is the original AcrossLite client for Mac OS X, enabling users around the globe to download and solve daily crossword puzzles with ease. Groundbreaking features of MacXword include the ability to download puzzles directly from the puzzle publishers, integrated OneAcross clue database lookup, Spotlight support for finding local puzzles, and much more. All the great features in MacXword can be yours for a low registration cost of just $10.00. And this saving extends to our bundle that contains a MacXword registration and our MacXword Puzzle Collection, bringing the price of the bundle down to $20.00! That's 50 great crossword puzzles and a MacXword registration, a great way to get started solving puzzles.

Give MacXword a try by downloading it today, or visit our online store to make your purchase.

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