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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

MacXword is now Black Ink from Red Sweater Software

It was officially announced today that MacXword, formally an Advenio product, has now been taken under the wing of Daniel Jalkut at Red Sweater Software.

Why the transition? Well it needed a lot of love, and Stephan, who had started working on something new, thought it'd be better to spin it off into someone else's hands, someone with the time to devote to the product. Enter Red Sweater Software.

Daniel agreed to acquire MacXword a while back and has put a lot of new work into it, rewriting large parts and making it into a new application. Going forward, it should see new development and it's definitely in good hands.

People who donated to the "Save MacXword" drive will receive serial numbers for version 1.0 of Black Ink. All other owners of MacXword can upgrade to Black Ink for just $9.95 from the Red Sweater store. Check out Black Ink today!

Full press release: Red Sweater Announces Black Ink 1.0, Premium Crossword Solving Software

Daniel's blog post: Black Ink 1.0
Stephan's blog post: MacXword Becomes Black Ink


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