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Welcome to Advenio News, a blog that lets users of products released by Advenio, a small, independent Mac software developer, know what's happening at the company, including coverage of MacGourmet and SQLGrinder.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

SQLGrinder 2 Beta 12 Now Available

The 12th and hopefully final beta version of SQLGrinder 2, the completely-rewritten version of our database development tool, was posted today. Requested features not yet added have been moved to later releases.

This release resolves various issues. Please see the release notes page for the full list of changes.

SQLGrinder is near release candidate status. Please make sure that you report any remaining issues, problems, crashes, etc. so that they can be fixed.

Also, just a reminder that beta builds are full debug builds and aren't optimized for speed, size, etc. yet, and carry the usual "use at your own risk" warnings.

SQLGrinder 2 is a Universal Binary, and will work on both PowerPC and the new Intel Macs.

SQLGrinder 2 Beta 12 can be downloaded here.
Pricing and availability for SQLGrinder 2

Pricing for the new version has been set at $59. During the beta period however, SQLGrinder 2 can be purchased for the current price of $49.95 with purchasers receiving a free upgrade to the final version once available. Owners of the current version can purchase an upgrade for only $19 by sending their current registration information to

Shortly before the final version of SQLGrinder 2, those who submitted upgrade requests and who purchased their copies during the beta will be emailed upgrade coupons.

SQLGrinder 2 for Mac OS X is currently available for a limited time as an unlimited beta version, which anyone can use for free. Because of this, registration information does not need to be entered to use it.

The beta of SQLGrinder 2 can be downloaded from the Advenio web site.
Finally, you can subscribe to the release notes page, which now has an RSS feed, to stay up-to-date on what's changed and what known issues there might be.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Advenio Releases 3 iCal Actions

Advenio has made available a collection of 3 iCal Actions for use with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger's Automator application. These actions can be used alone in your own workflows or combined together to achieve complex tasks as in the case of the included example workflow that archives old iCal events.

Find Past iCal Events: This action lets you search for past events based on timeframe.

Move iCal Events: This action moves the specified iCal events to the specified calendar.

Get Date Range String from Events: This action creates a date range string from the iCal events provided to it.

For more information and to download the collection and an example workflow to archive old iCal events visit our Take Away page.

For help or comments: advenio-support [at]